Personal Accomplishments

  • Designed, wrote, and published TriMet Tracker, which allows users to get real-time bus and MAX arrival information from TriMet. It currently has 26,000 active installations and a score of 4.2 on the Google Play Store
Machine Learning
  • In my free time I play around with genetic algorithms and artificial neural networks, trying to find what complex behaviors can emerge from simple mechanisms
  • Created a Python script that takes accelerometer data from a smartphone and uses unsupervised clustering algorithms to report how much time you spend sitting, standing, with your phone on a desk, in your hands, etc.
  • Created a “language predictor” in Python. The script builds a statistical model of multiple written languages and allows a user to input a string to see which language it most likely belongs to.

Work Experience

2012 – Present: Contracted Intel Intern

Pathfinding and Research Group
  • Currently working on a team optimizing Java applications for performance
  • Automated several applications for benchmarking and profiling in Bash, Batch, Perl, Python, and AutoHotkey depending on the application.
  • Used Cilk Plus to partially parallelize an existing C++ based speaker diarization application. Achieved a 20% speedup in 2 weeks

2012: Freelance Web Development

  • Worked on a small team to develop a website used by field technicians in Oregon to track the progress of HVAC construction and repair orders
  • Used Linux and MySQL with the PHP based Yii framework for server side development


Bachelors in Computer Science, Portland State University (Senior, Estimated Completion: Spring 2015)

Technical Summary

  • Proficient – Python, PHP, Bash, SQL
  • Comfortable – C#, Java, C, Perl, Ruby, C++, Javascript, HTML, CSS
  • Linux, Windows, Mac
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
Other Technologies
  • MVC, Eclipse, Visual Studio, VMWare, Git